When most people hear for the first time that Gracie can’t feel pain, their initial reaction is a little touch of awe and envy – “Wow, that must be so cool! I would love to not feel pain.” Some even describe it as a super power. I have heard more than once that she’s like a little superhero.

Let me tell you, not feeling pain is NOT a super power. Pain is a very important part of our bodies’ function. Pain is a signal that tells us to stop what we’re doing, or tells us that there is something wrong internally. Pain tells us when a wound is infected. Pain tells us when we’ve broken a bone. Pain tells us when it’s time to go to the bathroom. Pain tells us when we have pushed too hard, or when our shoes are too small, or when we have sand in our eyes. Pain is a gift.

Not feeling pain is definitely not a super power for Gracie, but I do think she has a special power not possessed by most. You see, Gracie has the ability to make everyone love her. She is ebullient, overflowing with charisma. Everyone who meets her is instantly in love with her sweet charming personality. She is so cute and silly and fun – you cannot help but love her.

So, although I do not believe that not feeling pain is a super power, I do believe my Gracie girl is a superhero. She’s Little Love – the superhero that makes everyone fall in love with her. ❤

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  1. Veronica says:

    I enjoyed rreading your post

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