Sometimes, it seems like life is beating us up from every direction. Sometimes, it feels like we’re barely keeping from drowning. Sometimes, it feels like we are drowning – like the waves keep crashing over us but we’re too beaten down to care.

Everything in life is transitory, even the bad times. Eventually, if you let the waves wash over you enough, they will stop coming and the shore will appear. We have had some pretty hellacious things happen lately, but it seems that the tide has turned. Gracie is off antibiotics – it’s been 10 days already and she seems fine, no sign of infection at all. She is going to be part of a research study and the doctors running the study seem confident they can find a cause for her lack of pain sensation. (I’m less optimistic about the outcome but still intrigued.) My parents bought me a new car – thanks, Mom & Dad! – and although that is very humbling in itself, I am loving the luxuries I’d never give myself. And, Gracie will be allowed to return to her special school that she loves so much.

For as long as it lasts, I will enjoy the calm and sunshine. I will catch my breath, rest up, and prepare for the next tide. For now, though, I am enjoying the peace.

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