Sweet Girl

When she’s not overheating or really hungry, Gracie is a very sweet girl. She is a little love. When my parents were in town, she would bring Grandma blankets and pillows to put her feet up on. She did the same for Grandma when we saw them at Thanksgiving – she remembered what Grandma likes and made sure she brought it. She loves to give us big squeezy hugs, and sweet soft kisses. (Sometimes we get wet kisses, too – ew!) Lately, she has been randomly calling out to me – “Mom?” “Yes?” “I love you.” AWW!! “I love you too, Sweet Girl.”

Doctors don’t usually see Gracie’s sweet side. Talk of behavior issues has been making it into medical reports lately. Gracie puts on quite a show for the doctors – biting me, hitting, refusing to do anything, etc. It’s embarrassing for me AND for her (although she’s not embarrassed yet). But really, I think she’s acting out because she’s frustrated about the whole doctor experience – the parade of new people trying to figure out what’s wrong with her, or trying to help her through nasty infections by, say, cutting off part of her finger, or putting casts on her, or other things that restrict her liberties and make her life harder. And she is a toddler still, after all. She is only 4, and it’s absolutely age-appropriate for her to act out her frustration with bad behavior. It’s just that she’s so smart that it’s easy to forget how young she really is. When she behaves like a typical 4-year-old it is out of character for her.

Whatever the doctors may think, I know the truth. My girl is a sweetheart and a love. She is kind and loving and nurturing. She is a sweet little love, my little Amazing Gracie. ❤

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