Lately, I have developed a new mantra: “All things are divinely timed.”

When we were stuck in traffic on the interstate on our way to the ortho appointment Monday, where the doctor had rearranged her schedule just for us, I reminded myself, “All things are divinely timed.” Traffic thinned and we got to her office five minutes early.

When Gracie’s daycare provider told me her daughter was sick again and I had to stay home with Grace, yet again, even though my boss is getting frustrated at all the time I’m working from home and not in the office, I told myself, “All things are divinely timed” and took a sick day. I’m hoping to have a regular week one of these weeks…

When we had to consider returning to the infectious disease specialists at the other hospital in town, the ones who lied in the medical report and put their own best interests above Grace’s, I tried to remember, “All things are divinely timed.” We haven’t gone there yet and I’m keeping the hope alive that we won’t have to, or that it will go well if we do have to.

Whether or not the divine times anything, it does seem that things generally work out okay in the end. By remembering that, it is easier to let go of the stress of the moment, no matter how stressful the moment really is. We can keep moving, one foot in front of the other, through the deepest swamps and the darkest caves. “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil.” All things are divinely timed.

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