Scope, Part 2

I thought about updating the previous post but wasn’t sure everyone would see it so here’s the update on the scope. She did great! They had a really hard time getting an IV started (they always do, especially when she’s dehydrated) but otherwise there were no problems at all. And it turns out I didn’t lie to her at all. They did an endoscopy and a sigmoidoscopy, so they went in through the top and looked at her tummy and upper small intestine and then switched ends and looked at the rectum and lower colon. Her bottom looked fine but she has a hiatal hernia and reflux. The biopsies will show whether the hernia needs to be repaired; we should get the results in about a week.

Right now, my Amazing One is home eating her reward of curly fries. She is scarfing the fries like she hasn’t eaten in a week. She has one more procedure under her belt, and hopefully it’s one that won’t need to be repeated for a long, long time.

Thanks to all who were sending her good thoughts and prayers. It means so much—I truly believe in the power of prayer (regardless of the existence of God, I believe that the collective consciousness can come together to influence outcomes) and I’m grateful for those who sent a little good energy in her direction.


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