When the World Ends

Oh, you know when the world ends
I’m going to take you aside and say
Let’s watch it fade away, fade away
And the world’s done
Ours just begun
It’s done
Ours just begun

I never thought that I would have to trade away everything I had for one more baby. I failed to foresee that having another child would cost me so much. I did not realize the price of my dreams.

But oh, how wonderful he is.

If I had known going in that having a baby would mean I would lose my job, we would become so buried in debt that we struggle to pay our bills, Chad’s business would implode, and incidental expenses would become impossible, I might not have had him.

And oh, how wonderful he is.

With each appliance that breaks down, each flat tire, each leaky faucet, each school bus fee we can’t pay, each time we have to say no to Taco Bell because we can’t afford it, we get nearer and nearer to the point of no return. The world as we know it is coming to an end. It is terrifying and so, so stressful.

And then I look into those big beautiful blue eyes, and feel his fuzzy blonde hair against my cheek, and listen to his adorable coos and shrieks and giggles, and feel the warmth from his amazing toothless smile, and I know I would never choose anything but him.

Oh, how wonderful he is.

The world is over, but it’s just begun.


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