2nd Hospital Stay of 2014

We are on day 4 of our second hospital stay of 2014, the third stay in 6 months. She has cellulitis again from a bite wound on her finger, the same one that always gets infections. We were supposed to go home last night, but the doctors decided to keep her one more night to make sure she tolerated oral antibiotics well. This morning, her finger looked worse again, so we’re here for two more days at least.

I have been thinking about things to write on here. There are so many good topics – like how she’s the only kid in the hospital who’s happy (since she doesn’t feel the pain of the infection), how we’ve found about a hundred things to entertain us in the hospital, how we are getting used to this hospital life, or even how much we like this hospital better than the other pediatric hospital in town. But it turns out that all I can write is that we’re here. We’re here and not leaving any time soon.

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